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Heritage Milking Shorthorn

American Milking Devons

Heritage Breed Cattle

We raise Heritage Milking Shorthorns and American Milking Devons. They are both rare, endangered breeds.

They are both a triple purpose breed. Hundreds of years ago, farmers would work with cows in many ways, for pulling equipment, milking, and for beef. As time went on, farmers bred cows to be more specific and only function for either dairy or beef. The industrialization of agriculture has limited the diversity of farm animals.

Howerdon Creek Farms wants to keep these amazing heritage breeds alive. We believe in diversity. We believe in conservation of soil and water as well as livestock.

To save a heritage breed, we need to give it purpose. And, what's the purpose of a cow? To fertilize and improve the soil and produce milk or meat. The best way to honor these animals is to give them the respect they deserve and put to use everything they produce.


The Heritage Milking Shorthorns are 100% grass fed.

The American Milking Devons are fed a mix of corn and soy and have free access to grass, fresh pasture in the warmer months and hay in the colder months.


Howerdon Creek Farms' cattle live outside in the open air and sunshine year round. The pasture has quite a few trees that the cows can use for shade or protection from the wind.