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The Farm's Story

Howerdon Creek Farms is owned and operated by Jason Hirsch. The property has been passed down for three generations. Jason has purchased more property over time, making the entire farm a total of 340 acres of pasture and row crops.

Farming is Jason's career and livelihood. He grew up in a farming family. He loves farming because it brings him closer to nature, and he enjoys taking care of animals.

Jason is honored to have served in the Marine Corps for 4 years. He worked hard and brings his military experience into farming. Jason is a member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition and proudly displays the "Homegrown by Heroes" symbol!

Jason runs the farm himself but is thankful for the help he gets from his mother, father, brother, sister, nephews, and niece. Oh, and his dog. None of this would be possible without Larry!

Howerdon Creek Farms started selling direct to customer online in 2021. Before that, it sold its meat at farmers market and live animals to a distributor with ethical and natural standards.

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The Hirsch Family

Micaela and my brother Marty with their kids Cael, Clayn, Max, and Creed (left)

Me and Larry (left center)

Our parents Tricia and Mark (right center)

My sister Heather with her kids Silas, Sam, Estefanie, and Daniel (right)

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  • American Berkshire Association
  • American Legion
  • American Pastured Poultry Producers Association
  • Farmer Veteran Coalition
  • Iowa Farm Bureau
  • Livestock Conservancy
  • Marine Corps League
  • Madison County Pork Producers
  • Madison County Soil & Water Conservation District, Commissioner

Photos of the Farm

Farming Protocols

  • 100% grass fed

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  • Born & raised in Iowa

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  • Grain fed

    Feed contains non-GMO corn and soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals. 100% of the corn is grown on our farm.

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  • Moved to fresh grass every day

    The chickens live in mobile pens and are moved daily so they are always on fresh grass while still being safe from harsh weather and predators.
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  • No antibiotics ever

    In the rare case that one of our animals gets sick, we of course help them and get them access to quality healthcare. However, if an animal needs antibiotics we sell it to a different market that has different standards than our farm.
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  • No hormones

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  • No routine antibiotics

    Our cattle live a happy life at pasture and stay naturally healthy. However, life happens sometimes. In the rare case a cow needs attention, we will give antibiotics by the recommendation of a veterinarian and follow the withdrawal period provided with the medication.

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  • Non-GMO

    The corn we grow on the farm is non-GMO. The soybean meal we buy for feed is non-GMO. Both are verified by the Non GMO Project.

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  • Pasture raised

    Animals raised for meat are on grass as much as the weather allows.

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